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Who We Are - What We Do


We are a voluntary neighborhood Civic Association. The neighborhood consists of 1200+ homes. We have a current paid membership of about 300 homes. Many thanks to those 300 residents who are provide support and funding for the projects and activities that benefit the neighborhood AS A WHOLE.

Membership dues are $20 a YEAR, and are used to support various Civic Association projects and activities. (Members who pay through the online PayPal feature are charged an additional $1 service charge).


Much of our activity is focused on keeping residents informed of items of interest, holding one or two events each year to give residents an opportunity meet and mingle, taking action as necessary to prevent commercial activity (and zoning) to encroach into the residential areas of the neighborhood, and undertaking the occasional larger project to benefit the neighborhood as a whole (for example, install/maintain entrance signs and message boards)

For instance, in the recent past, the board has:

  1. Obtained permits and bought and had installed entrance signs and message boards at various entrances to the neighborhood.
  2. Took action to have our neighborhood officially designated as a "No Solicitation" neighborhood and purchased and had installed "No Solicitation" signs at various locations near neighborhood entrances.
  3. Officially opposed a zoning request that would have allowed a gas station to be built at the corner of Jefferson Highway and Bluebonnet Blvd.
  4. Opposed zoning requests that would encroach into the neighborhood's "single family residential" status.

On an ongoing basis throughout each year, we accomplish the following:

  1. Serve as point of contact for our Metro Council representative and others wanting or needing to inform neighborhood residents of items of interest. For example: Board is currently in contact with a developer, Joshua Rivet, who wishes to develop some property within the neighborhood and we have informed residents of an upcoming meeting where Joshua Rivet can explain his plans, etc.
  2. Meet monthly to discuss neighborhood issues, projects, activities and possible solutions to problems.
  3. Maintain a Civic Association email address which residents can use to report items of interest or make inquiries.
  4. Maintain a website with a blog and blast email capability used regularly to keep residents informed.
  5. Maintain a Facebook page for cross-posting items of interest to keep residents informed.
  6. Post to the NextDoor network to keep residents informed.
  7. Maintain the sign areas. We pay to have one sign area maintained (corner of Cal and Jefferson). The other sign areas are maintained through the personal physical labor of Civic Association Board members and the message boards are also maintained by a board member.
  8. Promote beautification of our neighborhood through our Yard of the Season program.
  9. Take photos of events and activities and notify the Advocate's Southside of these to publicize our neighborhood, residents and activities.
  10. Coordinate efforts for an annual neighborhood-wide garage sale.
  11. Hold an annual jambalaya lunch for all paid members.
  12. Hold at least one annual meeting for all members, with speakers who can discuss issues of concern - our Metro Council representative is invited (and attends) every year, and we have other speakers when controversial issues are being considered (for instance, Better Together vs City of St. George).
  13. We ensure our organization remains in good standing being appropriately registered with the La Secretary of State's office and our non-profit status with the IRS is properly reported and maintained.
  14. We maintain membership in the Federation of Greater Baton Rouge Civic Associations, and two board members attend the monthly FGBRCA meeting to keep informed of larger issues of interest to Baton Rouge civic associations and HOAs. We pass along to residents any information of interest or concern.
  15. Maintain proper records of Civic Association financial activities and keep neighborhood residents informed of these records - this includes an annual budget showing upcoming projects/activities and what is proposed to be spent on those.


We are not a mandatory HOA. We do not mandatorily collect dues but rely on voluntary participation. And again, many thanks to the paid members who support and fund the various activities and projects undertaken by the Civic Association for the benefit of the ENTIRE neighborhood.

We have no authority to create or enforce restrictions on how owners may use their properties. This is covered by City/Parish ordinances and residents must be in compliance. Complaints should be referred to the City/Parish for investigation.

We do not patrol the neighborhood for crime, though we will try to keep neighbors informed of crime occurring in the neighborhood. Crime is investigated by the Sheriff's Office which should be notified of theft, burglary, suspicious vehicles & persons, etc.

We have no authority to resolve disputes between neighbors.

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