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Sheriff's Office - 389-5000 or 389-5511

Laurie Adams, Dist 11 Metro Council Representative

Office 225-389-5169


Animal Control, before 11 p.m. 389-2070

Animal Control after 11 p.m. 389-5000, or 311

BREC Park Ranger on duty - 413-5520 or 620-1037

Social Services - To contact City/Parish officials with concerns about a neighbor's well-being or living conditions. Phone (225) 358-4561 Another contact is the US Health & Human Services, (225) 389-0406

Code complaints (overgrown property, etc) - call 311


Our neighborhood is on the list of "No Soliciting" neighborhoods. There are some exceptions (religous, charitable & political) but in general, peddlers should NOT be approaching your home. You are urged to advise them that we are a "no soliciting" neighborhood, and the Sheriff's Office will be contacted if they persist. Also, if you notice suspicious activity in the neighborhood, you are encouraged to let other neighbors know by posting it on the NEXTDOOR app, or by sending an email to, so that we can notify neighbors.  

There may be a scams operating where someone approaches your house and asks you to sign up to make a purchase. These incidents may be people scoping out your home for possible break-in later, or looking to find out which homes are empty during the day. Use caution opening your door to anyone, and if approached, ask for identification as well as information about the company the person is purportedly representing (company name, phone number, physical address). If you can, make note of any vehicle that appears to be accompanying the person, and report any suspicious activity.


Baton Rouge now has a Litter Court program. Citizens may call 311 or 389-3090 to report violations. City inspectors take photos, then property owners are sent a letter from the city giving them 15 days to fix the violation. If the violation still exists when the inspector re-inspects, another letter setting a court date is sent to the property owner. Fine is $117, plus $50 in court costs. 

Violations include:

1. Maintenance of Property - Is there an unoccupied, open building? Is the yard overgrown? Overgown means that more than half of the grass or vegetation exceeds 12 inches tall.

2. Maintenance of Swimming Pools - Is the water quality good? You must be able to see the bottom of the pool. The pool must be enclosed by a fence 5 feet high. The fence gate must close automatically, and the gate latch must lock automatically.

3. Accumulation of Junk, Trash & Debris - Is there junk, trash or debris in the front yard, back yard or carport?

4. Signs - Portable signs and banners are illegal on public and private property. Only permanent signs that have been permitted by the city/parish are legal. Campaign signs have a special permit, but should only be placed on private property.

5. Garbage Cans - Garbage cans must be stored on private property except between 4 p.m. the night before pick-up, and 6 a.m. the day after pick-up. They should be placed near the street, but not in the street. 

6. Notices Taped onto Traffic Signs - these notices are not legal. You are free to remove them if you see them. You may wish to contact the person who posted them, if there is a phone number and ask the person to send information to the website e-mail address, so their information can be posted (if appropriate). You can also if you wish report the violation to the City Parish. 

For more information or for a service request, please contact:

The Office of Neighborhood Services


FAX 225-389-5689



Statistics show that blight is related to crime. When we fight blight, we fight crime, increase property values and make our community a better place to live, work and play.


Neighbors who run, walk or cycle through the neighborhood are asked to please remember to wear reflective clothing and/or carry flashlights so that others can easily see them in the early morning, at dusk or in the shadows of our beautiful treed neighborhood!   

Neighbors with dogs are asked to remember that EBR has leash laws; dogs must be restrained with a leash or otherwise kept inside or within fenced areas.  


1. Make a note of the serial numbers of items that thieves are likely to be able to steal quickly, such as TV sets, electronics, guns, computers, laptops, cameras, etc. It would also be helpful to have photos of these items. Keep this information in a secure place.

2. Make a list including an accurate description of any valuable jewelry. Include any engraving that may be on the jewelry. It's helpful to have a photo album or digital record of the jewelry, appraisal information if you have it, purchase receipts, etc.  

3. Keep an eye out for people who appear to be driving slowly or walking around to "case" the neighborhood, seeing who is home, who isn't at home during the day, etc. Include on your watch list seasonal workers working for companies such as lawn maintenance, etc. 

4. Be cautious when dealing with people selling magazine subscriptions, etc. Don't reveal too much information about yourself or your activities, or those of your neighbors. Remember the we are a "no soliciting" neighborhood, so peddlers should not be coming to your door.


From the St. George Fire Dept:

A few points to consider, or about 25 things you already know, but need to think about. Please read them all; there’s a fun reference at the bottom.

A Reuters News story written one Thanksgiving says: “Thanksgiving is the traditional day to count your blessings, but for some it is also the day to set the house on fire.”

There are more house fires on Thanksgiving than any other day of the year.

Most of those fires stem from inattentive cooking. Never leave cooking food unattended.

Keep clutter and loose clothing away from the stove.

Turn pot handles in; away from children’s reach.

Make sure those cooking appliances you may only use once or twice a year are in good working order.

Don’t overload electric outlets. Unplug appliances when not in use.

If a fire flares up in the oven, don’t open the oven door. Turn the oven off and call 9-1-1.

Don’t throw water on a grease fire. Instead, cover the burning pan with a lid.

Use pot holders to prevent burns.

If you fry turkeys, do it away from the house.

Never put a partially frozen turkey into hot oil.

Observe the “three foot rule” when decorating. Never place combustible items within three feet of ANY open flame or source of heat.

Make sure your Christmas Tree is fresh. A dry tree is a fire hazard. Shedding needles is a sign of a dry tree.

Keep your tree fresh by placing it a stand that holds water and remember to water it.

Make sure artificial trees are fire retardant.

Place your tree away from direct sources of heat.

Never block an exit with a tree.

Throw away decorations whose electric cords are dry, brittle or cracked.

Only buy lights that are approved by a national testing lab.

Don’t string more than three strings of lights together.

If using outside lights, make sure they are rated for outside use.

Always unplug lights before going to bed.

Never run electrical cords through doorways or under rugs.

Keep candles in a holder and away from combustibles.

Never burn wrapping paper in a fireplace.

Don’t hang stockings near an open flame.

Now, you’ve read a pretty complete list of holiday do’s and don’ts, I’ve got one more “do.” Go to our website and watch the video where William Shatner shares his story of getting burned and almost burning his house down; frying a turkey. 

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