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Yard of the Month, May 2015

This month's winner of the IEJT Yard of the Month is the home of Pete and Ann Peterson at 10903 Ridgely.   The yard was nominated by Brian Jones. 



Pete states that he has always enjoyed working in his yard and experimenting with all types of plants. Since his retirement about four years ago he has made that hobby his passion. He works in his yard virtually every day and spends an average of six hours per day on his hobby.


What everyone sees is the Peterson’s front yard which presents a serene area with various plants that appear totally natural. Although Pete experiments with many different varieties, his mainstays are Caladiums and Impatiens in a bed of pine straw.


What very few people see is the back yard which presents a sea of tranquility at a temperature that is 10 – 15 degrees cooler than the ambient temperature. In the back yard you can also see the Caladiums and Impatiens, but you can also enjoy the bamboo that provides a backdrop to the view. As is true of the front yard, the back yard has several mature trees that provide the shade that makes the area so tranquil and cool.


Ann's contribution to the effort is keeping her husband totally hydrated with cold water and iced tea while providing words of encouragement!   

In this first photo, IEJT Civic Association Vice-President Rodney Plauche presents the Clegg's gift certificate to Pete in the backyard; the Yard of the Month sign is placed in the front yard. 

The next three photos are of the front yard, and these will be followed by photos of the backyard: 

Back yard:


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