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Summary of June 2012 Board Meeting

The Board met at 7 p.m. on Monday, June 4 2012.    The following information is NOT the official minutes of the meeting, but contains some highlights of immediate interest. 

We currently have 271 paid members of the association.   Association yearly dues of $20 were due in March.   If you have not yet paid your dues, or you know of neighbors who wish to join, please invite them to join the website - dues can be paid via paypal on the website, or a check can be mailed to IEJT, P.O. Box 82563, Baton Rouge, LA  70884.   Please include name and address if it's not printed on the check.  

CALL FOR A VOLUNTEER:    We are seeking some of our neighbors who might wish to volunteer to serve as Event Coordinator for the annual neighborhood Yard Sale (tentatively scheduled for October 6th).  Basically this involves serving as contact person for those wishing to have a yard sale and creating a list of addresses where yard sales will be held. This is not a big job in itself; our board members are busy planning and dealing with other activities and neighborhood issues, so we would appreciate it if someone would volunteer for this job.  If you wish to volunteer, please send an email to

CALL FOR A VOLUNTEER:   We are seeking a neighborhood resident who is a real estate agent who would be willing and able to help us once a month with a new neighbor welcome project.    We don't need a lot of your time.  If you might be interested in volunteering for this, please contact for more detail.  

ANNUAL JAMBALAYA LUNCH:   We are planning for a fall date for the annual jambalaya; jambalaya lunches will be served to all households who are current on paid membership.  

NEIGHBORHOOD BUSINESS ADS:  If you own or manage a business in or near the neighborhood and would like to place an ad on the website, please send email to   Ad rate:  $30 for 3 months, or $100 for a year.   

WEBSITE BULLETIN BOARD:   Neighborhood residents (and teens) wishing to offer services may use the Bulletin Board to post information; the Bulletin Board can also be used to post for services needed.   The Bulletin Board has been very useful for lost/found pets - please notify if you find or lose a pet, OR you can post it yourself.  However, if you post a lost or found pet to the bulletin board, please also send an email to so that an email blast can be sent to residents.  Photos must be posted by the website admin, so please also email those to  

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