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Summary of IEJT Board Meeting 7/9/2012

The Board met tonight and discussed the following items:

1.  The Board will continue to mail paper newsletters to members who do not have internet access and are unable to sign up for the blast emails.

2.  The Neighborhood Yard Sale will be on October 6th.  The board will place an ad in the newspaper; place signs around the neighborhood to advertise the yard sales; and will prepare maps and lists of addresses to give to participants to hand out to customers to make it easy for them to take advantage of several yard sales in one area.   PLEASE CONSIDER if you would like to participate this year.  At a later date, we will ask those who wish to participate to send their name and address to us for inclusion on the list.  

3.   CAL ROAD ENTRANCE SIGN - Many thanks to TED AND MARIE DONALDSON, who purchased and installed new solar lighting at the Cal Road Entrance Sign to replace the lights damaged by vandals.

ALSO regarding the sign area:  The area has been a maintenance problem area for many years to an stubborn infestation of nut grass, which has resisted all eradication attempts, and which needs to be weeded out by hand at least weekly to keep the area looking nice.   We have been unable to find anyone willing to keep it maintained, even for pay, and the volunteers who kept it maintained for many years without acknowledgement (Stan & Lois Leblanc), are simply not able to continue to maintain the area.   Therefore, we will be checking into the feasibility of having a professional landscaper remove the soil and replace it with good soil and low-maintenance landscaping.   

4.  A late-September TENTATIVE date and location have been set for the neighborhood jambalaya.  More information on the exact date and the location will be made available as soon as we have gotten confirmations from the location and the jambalaya providers. All residents of paid households will be able to come enjoy a jambalaya lunch  (one plate per household member).   If you haven't yet paid your dues for this year, now is the time to do it!   Please send $20 check or money order to IEJT, PO Box 82563, Baton Rouge, LA  70884, OR you may use the website paypal option. 

5.  A reminder:   IEJT also has a Facebook Page.  If you are on Facebook, search for "IEJT Civic Association", and "like" the page.   News updates that are posted to the IEJT Facebook page will show up in your Facebook news feed.

6.  Please don't forget about our website bulletin board!   There are neighbors looking for odd-job types of work, or looking for help.    If you need something done, or are looking to earn some extra money, please post to our bulletin board - or look there first!  

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