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SUMMARY of Board Meeting 4/2/2012

Please NOTE:  This is a brief summary of the meeting of Board Members on 4/2/2012.  These are NOT the official minutes of the meeting.

Officers were elected from among the board members who were elected at the General Membership meeting:   President, Lois Leblanc; Vice-President, David Deblieux; Treasurer, June Emory; and Secretary, Penny Martin.   

We are accepting nominations for YARD OF THE MONTH for MAY 2012.   If you wish to nominate your own or a neighbor's yard, please send your nomination to (you can use the red contact on the right margin, if you wish).  Please send these no later than April 20th so that there is sufficient time to view the yards and decide on a winner.   Clegg's has provided $25 gift cards for the winners, and the neighborhood "Yard of the Month" sign can be displayed in the winner's yard for the month of May.

The Board approved the hiring of a small landscaping company to care for the sign area at the end of Cal Road.

The Board decided to host the neighborhood Jambalaya in September or October this year, rather than in April or May, to avoid potential conflict with work that will be going on in the park by BREC. 

The Association will be hosting a door-to-door membership drive during the week of April 14 - April 21.  We've had many neighbors sign up to volunteer to "cover' their own streets; further information will be sent to these volunteers via e-mail as to when they can pick up their identification (an IEJT T-Shirt) and the flyers.  If you see someone with an IEJT T-Shirt walking up your driveway, please welcome them!     The volunteers will be asked to approach front doors only, and they are NOT being asked to collect dues; we've just asked them to make sure people have information about IEJT Civic Association and have been invited to join. 

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