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Summary of Board Meeting 3/5/2012

At the March meeting of the Board, the following topics were discussed:

1)  The date for the General Membership meeting was confirmed - Thursday, March 27, at Blue Cross/Blue Shield.  Enter BCBS at the entrance which faces the interstate.  Meeting will begin at 7 p.m.  Speakers will include our City/Parish Council representative, Allison Gary, and Captain Anthony Ponton of the Sheriff's Office.  Other topics of interest will be discussed, so everyone is encouraged to mark your calendars and come to the meeting!

2)  The Board would like to recruit new board members - any resident interested in serving on the Board may nominate himself/herself by sending an email to, or may simply volunteer to serve during the General Membership meeting.  If there is anyone with bookkeeping experience and/or word processing expertise who can serve, it would be greatly appreciated.

3)  The maintenance of the sign area has been being handled voluntarily by Stan & Lois Leblanc.  The Board voted tonight to hire professional landscapers to maintain this area.  

4)   Topics for a newsletter were discussed.   Residents can expect to receive a newsletter within the next two weeks.

5)  Also discussed was the timing of the membership drive, which is tentatively expected to occur in late March or sometime in April.     Residents wishing to help with this are encouraged to volunteer - please send email to   We currently have 19 volunteers, including Board Members, to try to cover the approximately 1200 households in the neighborhood.  

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