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Summary - Jan 7th board meeting

Please note:  These are not the official minutes, but a summary of what was discussed at the January 7th meeting of the board.  There was no quorum; attendees were Lois Leblanc, Stan Leblanc, Fran Williams Woodiel, Bret Smith, Danielle Bowen and Tim Mercer.

TENTATIVE DATE, LOCATION AND TIME for the March General Membership Meeting is March 21st beginning at 6 p.m. at the Jefferson Methodist Church on Jefferson Highway.  We plan to invite representatives of BREC; Ryan Heck who is our new council person; and EBR Sheriff's Office.  If any member has any concerns they would like to see addressed at the meeting, please use the contact button to the right, or send an email to  

TENTATIVE DATE & LOCATION for neighborhood jambalaya lunch - in September, at JT Pool.  Like last year, the pool would be open for this private event for those attending.

The website and domain name were renewed for 2 additional years, through March 2015.  

There was a discussion about the landscaping around the Cal Road/Jefferson Hwy sign area.  An individual has been found to perform the landscaping and maintenance work for this area.   

There was discussion of the renovations to JT park.   The renovations do not match the plans presented at the park in 2011 by BREC, which included voting by neighborhood residents as to what they would like to see at the park.   We have contacted BREC, and have been informed that as far as they are concerned, this is Phase 1 of the project and it is complete; additional phases will be done IF money is available.  We could not recall there being any discussion of park renovation "phases" at the 2011 meeting attended by BREC.    As indicated above, we plan to ask BREC to send representatives to our General Membership meeting; their presence has yet to be confirmed.

We have already reported the installation of new neighborhood signs; new message boards will be installed at those locations within the month.  

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