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Spring 2016 Yard of the Season

Congratulations to Steven Vidrine, 4922 Tealwood, the winner of the spring Yard of the Season!  

We had several additional excellent nominations that we wish to recognize, including Bruce Raff at 4652 Idlewood; Ian Gileski at 5516 Cherrywood; Jerome Plauche at 9873 Hillyard; Liza Fazio at 4913 Tealwood; Pete Peterson at 10903 Ridgely.

Please check out each of these yards!  We are proud of all our neighbors' efforts. 

Some photos of Steven's yard efforts are posted below. 


Our neighbor Steve Vidrine is retired from the La Dept of Education, and currently employed as an adult education instructor at the Gillis Long Youth Challenge Program in Carville, and he has been a resident of IEJT since 1992.


Besides cooking and entertaining friends, he enjoys working in his yard and on his patio, as is obvious from these photos of his yard.


Steve loves a variety of plants, and currently has an eclectic collection of roses, lilies, agapanthus, gladiolus, along with many container plants on the patio and an interesting “Japanese Garden” area.


Steve recently purchased a fountain that will be installed near his outdoor fireplace, and he hopes to become a master gardener once he fully retires from education.


It’s a beautiful yard, perfect for morning coffee where new blooms can be discovered every morning!

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