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Resident Feedback Requested

IEJT Civic Association President Van Heard would like to get some feedback from the membership regarding a suggestion made by a resident at the March 24th General Membership meeting.

There is an unpaved right-of-way on Oliphant Road between Floynell and Inniswold.  This creates a bottleneck at Floynell for a lot of residents.

A suggestion was made that this right-of-way should be paved to connect the two streets,  to provide relief from school and business traffic in the mornings and afternoons.  

We are asking for feedback - please consider this suggestion and send feedback to the website address,, before the next board meeting which will be on April 11th.  

UPDATE 3/29:   I've been asked to update this to clarify that the bottleneck that occurs is at Floynell and Cal, the school intersection.   Many residents believe this creates an unsafe condition for the kids at the school.  

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