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Occupation of Homes - A Message from Assn. President Van Heard


If you are having problems with a neighbor, such as a house with a lot of people coming and going,  and if you are able to find out the relationship of the people who occupy the house pursuant to the below ordinance, you can report the problems to the Parish Attorney’s office as a complaint, and the Parish Attorney’s office will investigate and prosecute if necessary.

A related family of two or more may occupy a single "housekeeping unit".

No more than two unrelated persons may live in a single housekeeping unit, unless the owner of the unit lives on the premises, in which case no more than four unrelated persons may occupy that single housekeeping unit.

The official definition can be found in Section 2 of the Uniform Development Code (UDC) and is quoted below:


Family is an individual or two (2) or more persons who are related by blood, marriage or legal adoption living together and occupying a single housekeeping unit with single culinary facilities; or not more than two (2) persons, or not more than four (4) persons (provided the owner lives on the premises) living together by joint agreement and occupying a single housekeeping unit with single culinary facilities on a non-profit, cost sharing basis.

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