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Lost Pets

Residents who lose a pet, or who find someone else's lost pet, may send an email to the website e-mail address,

Please include:

1) The street or area where the pet was found or last seen.

2) Description of the animal.

3) Color of collar or any other identifying information.

4) Name and phone number of who to contact if anyone has any information about the pet.

The information regarding the lost or found pet will be sent to all website members via blast e-mail as soon as the website admin receives the e-mail, which will usually be within just a couple of hours of the time you send it. 

Hopefully, this will be useful and will reduce the number of taped paper signs that go up in the neighborhood, which often get wet in the next rain and end up as unsightly trash on our streets and yards.  

Residents are urged to use this feature!

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