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Litter Court

Statistics show that blight is related to crime.  When we fight blight, we fight crime, increase property values and make our city a better place to live, work and play.

Baton Rouge has started a campaign against blight with its new Litter Court program.  Citizens may call 311 or 389-3090 to report violations.    City inspectors take photos, then property owners are sent a letter from the city giving them 15 days to fix the violation.  If the violation still exists when the inspector re-inspects, another letter setting a court date is sent to the property owner.  Fine is $117, plus $50 in court costs. 

Violations include:

1.  Maintenance of Property - Is there an unoccupied, open building?  Is the yard overgrown?   Overgown means that more than half of the grass or vegetation exceeds 12 inches tall.

2.  Maintenance of Swimming Pools - Is the water quality good?  You must be able to see the bottom of the pool.  The pool must be enclosed by a fence 5 feet high.  The fence gate must close automatically, and the gate latch must lock automatically.

3.  Accumulation of Junk, Trash & Debris - Is there junk, trash or debris in the front yard, back yard or carport?

4.  Signs - Portable signs and banners are illegal on public and private property.  Only permanent signs that have been permitted by the city/parish are legal.  Campaign signs have a special permit, but should only be placed on private property.

5.  Garbage Cans  - Garbage cans must be stored on private property except between 4 p.m. the night before pick-up, and 6 a.m. the day after pick-up.  They should be placed near the street, but not in the street. 

For more information or for a service request, please contact:

The Office of Neighborhood Services


FAX 225-389-5689


website: - The "Requests for Service" is the 4th link in the left-hand sidebar.  If you submit a service request online, be sure to print the page or write down the service request number.

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