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JT Park Proposal

Jon Pulliam and Mary Fernandez of BREC hosted a meeting for neighborhood residents to discuss the JT Park proposal.

A couple of photos are below.   Jon Pulliam sent the park plan to me; however, it is a very large PDF file containing 2 large images, and I cannot convert them to post here.  However, I have the PDF file, and will attach it to an e-mail blast to all website members.   A summary is below:

Park plans include a picnic area,  a concrete walking path, expanded and improved parking lot, grass volleyball courts, improve existing tennis courts, retain existing picnic shelter with improved restrooms, a new fitness station, new playground and equipment, and a new drinking water fountain.

Below is a photo of IEJT resident Ted Donaldson, BREC representative Mary Fernandez, BREC representative Jon Pulliam, and IEJT resident Marie Donaldson.  

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