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January & February Board Meetings - Topics Discussed

Your IEJT board met in January and again in February. The information below is a brief description of topics discussed. Any IEJT member wishing to comment on the topics is invited to send an e-mail to


The board noted the success of this year’s neighborhood garage sale and discussed ideas for next year’s event. Preliminary research for signage for our neighborhood entrances was discussed. Signs that contain information that can be manually changed have been found at reasonable cost. Board members will look at the website for further discussion in February.

A tentative date (now confirmed) was set for the General Membership meeting, to take place March 24th at Blue Cross. Speakers discussed (but not yet confirmed) include: realtors who specialize in our neighborhood, a representative from BREC parks, and our council representative, Alison Cascio.

Also discussed was the damage on Azrok on the school board property.

Also discussed both in January and February was the issue of possible confusion about association dues. The association’s fiscal year is from March to March, which is noted on the website’s paypal payment page, and dues are due in March. However, many residents pay their dues later than that, and with the addition of paypal to the website, many residents have just recently paid dues. Our association dues are very low compared to other neighborhoods, and it was decided to leave the “due” date for dues as March of every year. IF YOU PLANNED TO PAY BETWEEN NOW AND THE GENERAL MEETING, PLEASE HOLD OFF AND MAKE YOUR PAYMENT IN MARCH.


Tentative dates were discussed for the neighborhood jambalaya lunch at the park. At the second meeting in February, the date of Saturday, May 14 was chosen. Jambalaya will be served to association household residents from 11 am to 1 pm. Residents who have not paid their dues may pay at that time and participate in the lunch. COME MEET YOUR NEIGHBORS! Anyone with suggestions or who is willing to help with this event may send an e-mail to

Also discussed was the problem of Blue Cross employees driving through the subdivision and creating traffic problems in the morning and afternoon. Blue Cross will be contacted about this issue.

Also discussed - the “Bulletin Board” section of the website is available, free, for neighborhood residents wishing to provide babysitting, lawn mowing and similar services. Members may post their own bulletin board items, but no e-mail is sent to members to notify that an item has been posted. PLEASE CHECK the bulletin board regularly for updates. If anyone wishes to have a new category added to the bulletin board, please send your suggestion to

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