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General Membership Meeting Summary

Several topics of interest were discussed at the General Membership Meeting on March 27th.   These include:

1)  Yard of the Month!   We have $25 gift cards from Cleggs for the Yard of the Month.   Please send your nominations to the website email,

2)  Entrance Signs  - the board's budget for the upcoming year includes money put aside to have signs placed at each neighborhood entrance.

3)  Membership Drive - still need a few volunteers for the Membership Drive - if you can help, please sign up!

4)  Paper notices taped to stop signs - this is illegal.  Residents may simply remove them if they notice they are up and if the sign contains a phone number, may wish to call the individual to explain that these are illegal.  For lost/found pets and other notices, residents may use the website bulletin board (ads for neighborhood teens doing summer work are FREE).   Blast emails will be sent out for lost/found pets if the website is notified by email (  

5)  Alison Gary, our Metro Council Representative, was on hand to speak briefly and answer a few questions, as was District 68 Representative Stephen Carter, and representatives from EBR Sheriff's Office.  

6)  A new list of board members were elected.  This year's board members will include the following carry-overs from last year:   Lois LeBlanc, David Deblieux, June Emory, Penny Martin, Stan LeBlanc, Van Heard, Keith Gray, Danielle Bowen, Fran Williams Woodiel and Tim Mercer.   New board members will be:  Judy DiGiovanni, Margaret Johnson and Kristen Woodiel.  

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