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Crime Prevention District

Residents were alerted earlier about the referendum for the Westminster/Pine Park Crime Prevention District.  According to the map in the Advocate, this would include portions of IEJT which are between Bluebonnet Blvd and the Westminster/Pine Park neighborhood.   However, additional information below indicates this will include ONLY the Pine Park/Westminster area, and NOT that section of IEJT which is between Bluebonnet Blvd and Westminster/Pine Park. 

A resident who lives in the area in question went for "early voting", and did not see the referendum on the ballot.

The Office of the Registrar of Voters advised that  although this section of IEJT is now voting in the Westminster/Pine Park precinct, the Crime Prevention District applies only to that part of that precinct that includes the Westminster/Pine Park neighborhood.

Further, the additional information below seems to include ONLY Pine Park/Westminster, and excludes the portion of IEJT along Bluebonnet Road.     It appears the map in the Advocate may be incorrect. 

Additional information:


From House Bill 534 that passed the Legislature, below are the boundaries for the Crime Prevention District for West Minister/Pine Park.

B. Boundaries. The district shall be comprised of the area of the parish of East Baton Rouge, lying within the following perimeter: starting on the northwest corner of the edge of Lot 1 of Westminster Subdivision and proceeding in an easterly direction along the southern side of Jefferson Highway to the northeast corner of Lot 9 of Pine Park Subdivision then proceeding south along the eastside of Pine Park Drive to the southeast corner turning west at Lot 41 of Pine Park Subdivision continuing on the southern side of Norfolk Drive and proceeding west to Lot 423 of Westminster Subdivision then proceeding north on the west side of Drusilla Lane thus continuing to the northwest corner of the Westminster Subdivision to Lot 1 thus defining a district enclosing and consisting of 610 lots within the Westminster and Pine Park Subdivisions which shall be considered part of the Westminster Pine Park Crime Prevention and Neighborhood Improvement District.


This information will be updated if new and different information is obtained.

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