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Christmas 2015 Yard Decoration Winner

THE winner of the IEJT Christmas Lights contest is:

Roger and Sally Abbott at 8778 Field!

We also wish to mention our other nominated yards: 

Joe and Eva Temple at 5065 Floynell

Timothy Martin at 9867 E Inniswold

Paul and Katie Guidry at 8653 Sharlane

And a special mention to Chris Reine board member on Landsbury with laser lights!

Congratulations to the Abbots. And also to all the other nominated yards; this was a difficult decision to make, as you will see from the photos.


Here is a photo of the Abbots with Board Member Pat Rusk, and a photo of the winning yard:

And our other nominees:  

The Temple home on Floynell:

The Martin home on E Inniswold:

The Guidry home on Sharlane:

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