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August Newsletter

A paper copy of the August newsletter is being distributed to neighborhood homes.  

Everyone with computer access is encouraged to join the website, which is free to join.     The paper newsletter will be phased out, for reasons of cost.   The website costs less than $150 a YEAR to maintain, whereas a full mailing of a newsletter costs in excess of $500 per mailing!   Those savings can be put to better use for neighborhood events.

However, for those who do not have access to a computer, a paper copy of the newsletter will be made available.  If you know someone with no computer access, please encourage them to send a request for continued paper copies of the newsletter.  The request should be mailed to the IEJT Civic Association, P.O. Box 82563, Baton Rouge, LA  70884.

Other news of interest:

The board requisitioned 13 coroplast yard signs to advertise the website.   Sadly, these had all disappeared by the morning after they had been strategically placed throughout the neighborhood, while similar signs advertising a snoball stand and cheerleading/football camps were left untouched.

The board is asking for your help in locating the signs.  An anonymous return of the signs, or a tip passed on to a member of the board would be appreciated.

If you have a business and would like to place an ad on the website, please contact Fran Woodiel or contact Roxy Ricci.  You may e-mail them from the website's "Members" section.  The introductory rate is $30 for 3 months.

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