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2018 Fall Yard of the Season

Congratulations to Wendell and Dawn Brumfield, winners of the IEJT Civic Association Fall Yard of the Season award.

On any given day, the Brumfields can be found working in the beautiful gardens surrounding their home at 10644 Cal Road. From the street, you will see the front of the house is lined with Sunshine Ligustrum, Camellias, Variegated Gardenias and Colius. Bachelor Button, Zinnea and Heather flowers blossom throughout, giving the Brumfields' beautifully maintained yard a pop of color. Look closely and you will also spot cotton plants. The beauty continues in the back of their home. Anchored in the middle , a 40 year-old sweet orange tree majestically towers over of their backyard oasis. A vegetable garden, an impressive Cypress tree, and various blooms are scattered around this citrus tree. A banana shrub (Magnolia figo) offers incredible aromatics to this visually pleasing sanctuary.

The Brumfield’s were awarded a $25 gift card courtesy of Clegg‘s Nursery.

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