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2016 Summer Yard of the Season

Congratulations to Ian Galeski and wife Dawn Carino, whose home on Cherrywood was selected as the 2016 IEJT Summer Yard of the Season!



Ian is the gardener of the house and he has put together a peaceful back patio area with plants that naturally repel mosquitoes.



The front entry area has large elephant ear plants on each side, and of course, the statue of the greyhound dog with Mardi Gras beads! The statue looks a lot like Ian and Dawn's pet greyhound, a real dog named Reba. Ian says that Reba and her buddy, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Archie, only occasionally "help" with the gardening.

The peaceful back patio area has a number of plants that naturally repel mosquitoes.



Around the sides of the home there are a variety of different sorts of plants- cigar plant, a balloon flower and the purple oyster which was overflowing its container.


Our next seasonal yard will be 2016 Fall, to be awarded on or around November 1st. Please keep an eye out and begin sending in your nominations for Fall Yard of the Season to be received by us on or before October 15th. Please send to, and include the homeowner's name and address.


Board Treasurer Danielle Bowen and Board Member Lois Leblanc presenting the sign and the $25 Clegg's gift certificate to Ian:

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