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2016 Fall Yard of the Season

Congratulations to Debra S on Sharlane, the winner of the IEJT 2016 Fall Yard of the Season! 

Debra and her husband John moved into their home in 1981, and the yard has been a work in progress ever since.  The yard currently is full of fall colors and blooms. 

Some of the many plants that can be found are chrysanthemums, pansies, roses, petunias, marigolds, hibiscus, mandevilla, and even and old-fashioned potato plant!   

The back yard is an absolute oasis of loveliness with an open covered deck structure and a pathway to a deck beyond that.  

There are cute and quirky ornaments throughout the yard and gardens - two are pictured below.

Pictured here are board Vice President Rodney Plauche with board member Pat Rusk, presenting the sign and a $25 Clegg's gift card to Debra. 

Next are some photos of the front entry:

Love the cute and quirky ornaments! 

The backyard:

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