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2014 General Membership Meeting

The General Membership meeting was held Tuesday March 25, at 7 p.m. at the Jefferson Highway Methodist Church. The meeting was very well attended, and we believe it was very informative.


The Board for 2014 was chosen at that meeting. Your board members for the upcoming year are:


Lois Leblanc (pictured in photo)

Stan Leblanc (pictured)

David Deblieux (not pictured)

Meaghan Cabaniss (not pictured)

Brett Smith (pictured)

Tim Mercer (pictured) 

Danielle Bowen (pictured) 

Margaret Johnson (not pictured)

June Emory (pictured) 

Penny Martin(pictured)

Fran Woodiel (pictured)

Rodney Plauche (NEW member!) (not pictured) 

Caroline Wolf (NEW member!) (not pictured) 

Lee West (NEW member!)  (pictured) 

and Yvette Skinner (not pictured) has volunteered to help by maintaining the 3 message boards.

So - welcome to our new Board Members and volunteers, and big thank you!

 The agenda also included pro/con on the City of St George, with speakers from Better Together and The City of St. George . Click on those links for each organization if you wish for more information.


And finally:


Please remember that we are a volunteer Civic Association, not an HOA. We have NO authority to establish and enforce neighborhood rules concerning yards, etc. The IEJT Civic Association tries to keep residents informed about issues that might be of interest, and to engage in projects that will bring neighbors together or beautify the neighborhood.


When you send us information about a lost/found pet, or an issue you want to keep us informed about, we ask that you remember to be as specific as possible in the information you provide us - day, date, time, location and photos, if possible.


Our neighborhood has approximately 1500 households. We currently have about 300 paid members.


Our dues are $20 for a year (the lowest of any in Baton Rouge that we've been able to find). If we have 300 members, the dues payments will bring in $6,000 per year.


That amount is insufficient to handle the modest goals of the Civic Association as far as neighborhood beautification efforts (entrance signs, message boards, maintenance of sign areas, neighborhood jambalaya luncheon, neighborhood garage sale, website); and we are this year, as last year, using money rolled over from previous years.


We ask that if you pay the dues if you have not yet done so for this year. The website has a paypal option for payment, and also we have a printable membership form with the IEJT mailing address on it that you can print and mail in, if that is your preference.







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