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Congratulations to the April IEJT Yard of the Month winners William Fruit and his son Casey at 10265 Hilyard.  The judges were previous winners Sandra and John Richard.

William and Casey maintain the yard and plantings as a memorial to Mrs. Fruit who was an avid gardner.  

The front yard features a large crepe myrtle and magnolia planted by William in 1969 when the family moved into the house   Hostas and purple verbena complete the plantings here. 

The path to the garden shed includes marigolds, pentas and impatiens.  

The clematis vine now in full bloom was their gift to Mrs. Fruit on a Mother's Day, and so they take special care of it. 

The family was happy to receive the Yard of the Month honor and the gift card donated by Clegg's Nursery.   IEJT Civic Association continues to recognize special efforts to make our neighborhood beautiful. 

Nominations are now being accepted for May's award, which will be awarded in early June.   Please look around the neighborhood and let us know about a great yard, even if it is yours, or a yard previously nominated that did not win!   Thank you. 

Pictured here are Sandra Richard, William Fruit, John Richard and Casey Fruit, with the IEJT Yard of the Month Sign: 

 The second photo shows the clematis vine: 

The third and fourth photos show the back yard and garden shed area: 

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